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Self Managed Super Funds

If you are not a SMSF client at BT Tran Financial Management, then you may wonder is a SMSF right for you?

At BT Tran Financial Management our specialist team will provide you with:

Market leading administration services – You can contact your Superannuation Adviser whenever you need to. We also have one of Australia’s leading technical services teams, ensuring that all our funds comply with current superannuation legislation at all times.

Ongoing investment support and advice – Through our premium service package we will work with you to build and monitor your Fund’s investment portfolio. While you have complete control over your portfolio, your Investment Adviser provides proactive advice to help you maximise your Fund’s return.

Access to quality advice – Our team of highly qualified Financial Advisers are available to assist you with maximising the benefits of your Fund and your entire financial situation.

Access to up to date information – We keep your Fund up to date at all times providing you with access to current information to assist in investment and tax planning decisions.

With our SMSF service package, you’ll benefit from the significant advantages of establishing a SMSF without having to worry about ongoing administration and compliance. Our services include:

Setting Up SMSF – We can help you with all the paperwork required to establish a self managed super fund that is ready to use by:

  • Preparing SMSF’s Trust Deed
  • Completing and lodging ATO application forms
  • Providing Trustee Declarations
  • Establishing a Cash Management Account in the Fund’s name, and
  • Completing Binding Death nomination forms that provide guidance on how members want their assets distributed.

Creating An Investment Strategy – We also provide an investment strategy for your SMSF that complies with all current legislation.

Making Investment – You can invest the Fund’s money yourself should you choose to do so, provided they meet the Fund’s investment objectives and strategy.  We can provide you with an investment plan upon which a diversified investment portfolio is constructed to meet the Fund’s objectives taking into account the short and long term needs including liquidity requirements.  

Administering Your SMSF – We can help you with the ongoing administration and compliance of your SMSF unless you choose to administer the Fund yourself through your own accountant.

Our SMSF administration service includes a Superannuation Account Manager who is a qualified accountant to assist you with the administration requirements of your SMSF including:

  • Managing all fund paperwork throughout the year
  • Preparing and lodging your SMSF’s annual income taxand regulatory returns
  • Preparing your SMSF’s annual financial statements
  • Preparing all necessary Minutes of Meetings
  • Arranging independent Annual Audit of your SMSF
  • Assistance to implement strategies recommended by our Financial Advisors, such as salary sacrifice and non-concessional contribution strategies
  • Preparing all paperwork required to start and administer pensions within your SMSF, and
  • Online access to your SMSF’s investment portfolio