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Do you ever wonder and ask yourself how you can:

  • Boost your savings for future retirement?
  • Reduce your income tax?
  • Make your surplus cash/income work harder for yourself?
  • Retire at your desirable age?
  • Maximise your Social Security benefits?
  • Make your retirement savings last your lifetime?
  • Reduce and pay off your non-deductible debts faster?
  • Pay for your children’ future education expenses?
  • Protect you and your family in the unfortunate events of death or disability?
  • Protect your business against the risk of a partner’s death or disability?
  • Invest your super in ways that suites your preference including direct shares, direct property, exchanged traded funds etc

Those of you who are self-employed or run a business through a company or trust, we are sure that you have your own accountants to look after your financial affairs in terms of tax advice. However one must be careful to differentiate tax advice from financial planning advice because the latter often offers a broader coverage of issues that can have a lasting impact on your future financial outcome.

At BT Tran Financial Management, we can help answer your questions and help you to achieve your goals through the provision of comprehensive strategies, planning, advice and services in the following areas:

  • Maximise and grow your savings for retirement
  • Improve tax efficiency of your future income
  • Provide income replacement upon retirement to last your lifetime
  • Establish and manage your long term wealth accumulation plan
  • Ensure you have the right super fund/pension fund to meet your investment objectives
  • Protect you, your family and business
  • Advise on self managed superannuation fund
  • Reduce your non deductible debts as quick as possible
  • Should you pay down debts with surplus cashflow or use it to boost your retirement savings
  • Ensure your Social Security benefits are optimised at all times

Although we do not provide advice and service with regard to Tax Return preparation, Will, Power of Attorney, Property or Loans we’ll be happy to refer you to the right organisations suited to your needs.